Simple Yoga Poses To Burn All Your Belly Fat Within A Month!

With the rise of natural medicine, treatments for all sorts of ailments, as well as exercises which can improve the course of our daily lives, yoga also came into great popularity, with people all over the world taking up classes and practicing it on a daily basis.

The exercises practiced have been found to keep the body, inner soul and mind in peace, calming down the nerves, eliminating stress and improving the overall function of the body and the organs. However, it can also help tone the body in ways that are better than conventional going to the gym and exercising ways.

That is why in this article we decided to focus on several yoga exercises, which are quite simple, but can do a wonderful job when it comes to toning the body, helping you burn off the excess fat and get the flat and strong core you desire!

1. Warrior Pose

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This first exercise focuses solely on your core, back and thighs. Start off by placing your feet parallel to each other, before bringing your left foot to 90 degrees. Breathe deep. Maintain straight legs, and then raise your arms over your head, before bringing them in line with your shoulders. At last, turn your head with your eyes fixed on your wrist. Do 10 reps on each side.

2. Warrior Pose 2

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This exercise is a variation of warrior pose 1, as it requires taking the same stance with your legs as the exercise above, but now, instead of raising your arms up, raise your arms to the sides, stretching them as much as you can, extended away from your torso. Then, turn your head to your left food, and back to the starting position. Again, do 10 reps.

3. Chair Pose

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The chair pose is one of the most famous yoga poses which strengthens the spine and pulls up your abs, buttocks and thighs. Stand up straight with your palms folded in front of your face. Then, bend your knees, squat your body down in a manner which appears as if you are sitting on a chair. Then, raise your hands over your head, and maintain balance. Press your shoulders down, arch your spine, and allow your torso to go deeper in that position. Maintain this position for 3-6 breathes, before releasing. Do 5-8 reps.

4. Bow Pose

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This exercise got its name as the final position you enter makes your body appear as a bow. It energizes your body, tightens the abdominal muscles and even improves digestion. Lie down on a yoga mat with your arms on your sides and legs stretched out. Then, raise your legs, bend your knees and bring them towards your head. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds before going back to the initial position.

5. Pontoon Posture

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Last but not least, this yoga pose engages the back and leg muscles, and this accelerates the process of losing excess weight. Just lie down on your back, stretch out your legs as much as you can and let your arms sit by your sides. Breathe in, before raising your legs up, with your feet and toes feeling the stretch. Then, raise your upper body and form a 45-degree angle, before letting your arms reach for your stretched out legs. Maintain this position for 10-15 seconds, before repeating the exercise 5 times.


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