How to Wash Your Face and Say Goodbye to Saggy Facial Skin and Wrinkles

Skin issues are a thing that every person comes across at a specific point in their life.  Perhaps you are suffering from stubborn pimples that won’t disappear, are concerned about wrinkles and fine lines, or perhaps have an extremely sensitive skin? If you no longer have the energy to waste on those good-for-nothing treatments, well don’t stress! There is a solution for sensitive skin and acne prone skin that we bet you have never heard of.

What Causes Pimples?

Acne is caused by hormonal change or a sebum gland infection, which produces oils to stop it from drying up. Actually those glands get blocked by a bacterium, which is followed by redness, swelling, inflammation, and soreness.

Why does Coconut Oil Treat Acne?

Particularly, a huge percentage of the coconut oil fats happen to be Capric and Lauric acids, both of which defend the skin from getting infected.  It is packed with vitamin E, a nutrient that supports the optimal function of the sebum glands and unclogs them. Thus, coconut oil’s specialty is treating the thing that caused the acne.  It is also abundant in anti-inflammatory components that soothe inflammations inflicted by previous acne.

Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil

Tea tree oil is filled with advantageous components such as terpinen-4-ol, which diminishes acne-producing bacteria and prevents future breakouts on account of its anti-fungal contents.

When it comes to lavender oil, its powers to treat acne are on account of its power to heal damaged skin and quiet down the nerves.

The Ultimate Coconut Oil Acne and Blemish Solution


  • 1 cup of Coconut Oil
  • 5-6 drops of the above – mentioned essential oil


Heat up a pan and melt the coconut inside it, making sure it’s on low heat. When the coconut oil is fully melted, take the pan off of the stove and ad in a couple of drops of an essential oil, optimally lavender or tea tree oil. Transfer it in a glass jar and leave it to cool off.


Apply some of it all over your face and after a while, wash it off with lukewarm water.  Use it two times per day, once you get up and before you go to bed.

The Ultimate Coconut Oil Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer


  • 3 capsules of Vitamin E
  • 1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil


Cut up the capsules using a knife and squeeze out the content. Mix it with coconut oil in a container and leave it overnight to take effect. Apply it once a day.


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