The Amino Acid That Soothes Muscle Cramps & Detoxes The Liver

Have you ever heard of betaine? It is an amino acid which boosts the operation of the liver and cleanses the organ. Moreover, the amino acids are also good for the cardiovascular health; they improve the fat burning process and stimulate weight loss along with various other medical benefits.

Betaine is contained mostly in beets; however it is also comprised in potatoes, quinoa, amaranth, wheat bran, rye, sweet potatoes, Kamut wheat grain, bulgar and turkey breast. This is how it can boost your general well-being:

Supports your heart heart and cardiovascular function

Betaine can reduce the homocysteine levels in your blood and prevent artery clogs which can end up fatal. It will keep your heart in good shape and prevent heart diseases like attacks and stroke.

Helps your liver recover

If you have a damaged liver and it is unable to perform its operation, you have terrible things in store for you. Fortunately, betaine stimulates liver recovery and detoxifies it, efficiently boosting its function.

Boosts digestion

Betaine can increase the hydrochloric acid levels in your stomach which will efficiently improve your metabolism, food procession and absorption of nutrient. On an empty stomach, consume the HCI extract betaine supplement to stop any digestive problems from occurring later on.

Improves muscle mass

Wish to enhance your muscles? Betaine is the one to help. The amino acid will melt the stored fat and increase your muscle mass, efficiently improving your posture and endurance.

Cleanses the liver

By getting rid of the toxic materials accumulated in your liver, betaine can ameliorate the breakdown and elimination of fats and prevent the potential damage to your digestive system.

Relieves various aches and pains

Betaine has the unbelievable power to relieve pain and aches by lowering the lactate acid levels in the muscles. By doing this, you will also rid the muscles from fatigue and muscle cramps.

Stimulates weight loss

Based on research, its properties can accelerate the metabolism and fat-melting process, which will inevitably result in weight loss.

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