Here’s What Oncologists Won’t Tell You About Essential Oils

The most recently conducted studies display that essential oils contribute a lot in the battle with cancer.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

If you have nothing against taking the essential oils for the purpose of treating your health condition, you have to get acquainted with their therapeutic abilities. The majority of brands on available at the stores and market that you are able to purchase are usually bad quality oils, and are diluted with some additives, generally alcohol.

They won’t have the same effects as those completely natural, so we recommend that you buy yours from a really trusted source.

Essential Oils & Their Healing Powers

The thyme got rid of 97% of the cells, while on the other hand chamomile was able to remove 93%, which means that these two types of essential oil have largest shot at fighting cancer.

Researchers paid quite a lot of attention at these oils, and they found out that the chamomile contains potent antioxidant components, and that is the major cause for the effectiveness of this oil against cancer cells. Peppermint, winter savory, sweet and bitter fennel, thyme, chamomile, lavender and sage oil also have anti-cancer properties but are less efficient than thyme and chamomile.

Frankincense Oil

This oil prevents the cancer cells from reproducing and is also able to destroy them. This oil is so efficient, just on account of the presence of one particular ingredient, called monoterpenes, which is able to get rid of the cancer cells pretty quickly.

The frankincense oil does not damage the healthy cells, and it helps in each and every cancer stage meaning that it is cytotoxic.

Below you will be able to see what types of cancer and in which stages this special oil helped save lives.

  • A Child with Brain Cancer
  • End-Stage Liver Cancer Patient
  • Stage-4 Cancer Patient
  • Bladder Cancer Patient
  • Cervical Cancer Patient
  • Breast Cancer Patient

This is merely a short list of patients who managed to cure themselves from this terrible disease by using of these incredible essential oils.!


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