If You Have Dark Spots, Hyper Pigmentation And Rough Skin Tone Here Are Some Natural Solutions

Aging as well as various medical issues may inflict serious harm upon the skin, like for instance dark spots and hyper pigmentation.

Fortunately, those types of issues can be efficiently dealt with in harmless ways. Hyper pigmentation is usually caused by liver malfunction, and spots are results of inflamed skin, wounds, and additional outer influences.

In this article we will present you with the best, non-invasive, natural solutions to eliminate aging spots.

Raw potato

Potatoes contain numerous supplements, such as B vitamin, who improves the nicotinamide and epithelial cells restoration, which has a powerful lightening action.

Potatoes are especially effective in eliminating the dark spots surrounding the eyes. Slice up a potato and use the slices to rub the affected skin areas for 10 minutes, a couple of times per day.  In cases of extremely dry skin, you ought to absorb the potato water beforehand.


Turmeric provides numerous medical benefits, has a strong mitigating influence, and is amazing for the skin. Using turmeric for seven consecutive days offers incredible results. It is going to even out the skin tone, and reduce or wipe out darkened spots.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has the power to restore the health of your skin and cleanse it from all harmful materials. You just have to apply it on the affected areas using a cotton ball twice or three times every day.

Repeat this procedure for one month focusing on the final goal to get favorable results. Moreover, if your skin is quite sensitive and feel this treatment giving you chills, dilute it with some water.

Source: organichealthylife.net

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