Every Single Way To Use Coconut Oil To Reverse Yeast Infections And Any Feminine Hygiene Issue

Coconut oil happens to be among the most famous and multi-purpose natural solutions, with numerous benefits as an organic remedy, cosmetic product, and a food ingredient.

Yeast infections are such a terrible experience caused by the Candida overgrowth in the body, on account of the pH imbalance.

These types of infections can manifest in any body part, for example the intestines, vagina, mouth, and skin, and are recognized by abnormal discharge, itchiness, and irritations.

Luckily, coconut oil is known to be a potent natural solution for treating yeast infections.

The strongest properties that destroy these infections and which are contained inside the oil are Lauric acid, Capric, and Caprylic Acid, which offer potent antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal components.

Furthermore, by using it topically you will create a protective skin layer and avoid further harm to the sensitive and irritated areas.

These are the best methods for treating yeast infections with  coconut oil:

Topical use

Due to the fact that it treats irritations, you can just apply it on the affected areas on the skin. Do it a couple of times per day.

Coconut oil tampon

To soothe the itching and the burning sensation, you ought to ensure that the oil comes in direct contact with the vagina walls. Thus, dip a tampon in coconut oil, and then put it inside the vulva. Leave it take effect until the next day. Do this for 5 consecutive days to eliminate the fungus.

Coconut oil suppositories

Coconut oil suppositories provide optimal effects if inserted before going to bed. The body heat will melt it, and by using it regularly you will efficiently cure the yeast infection.

Coconut Bath

Fill  up your bathtub with lukewarm water, and pour a couple of drops of this incredible oil inside. Then, lie in it for several minutes. Dry up and repeat on a daily basis. This is going to calm the irritation and itching.

Coconut oil douche

Pour 4 tbsps of the oil to 2 quarts of lukewarm distilled water, and use the mixture as a body-wash. Repeat this procedure every day.

Coconut oil in your food

You can include one tbsp of this oil in your coffee, or use it while preparing some meals.

Source: thehealthyfoodhouse.comfamilylifegoals.com

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