7 Things That Happen When You Do Planks Every Day

The most simple exercise known to men, referred to as “the plank” does in no way fall far behind the rest and more complex exercises when it comes to its benefits.  It is an extremely efficient one if you wish to reinforce your core, enhance your balance and stamina. Performing this exercise every single day will offer you thousands of advantages. Read on further to find out more of the benefits planks have to offer.

Description of the proper Plank Exercise

Lie down on your stomach and lift up your body putting all of your weight on your elbows. They should also be parallel to your shoulders and you should join your toes and lift them up slightly off the ground. In order to get the best effect make certain your back is entirely straight and that you take deep breaths.  Also keep in mind to split your weight equally on both butt cheeks, elbows and your legs, in order to achieve better balance and more power.

List of Plank Exercise Benefits

1. Improved Flexibility

By performing this exercise you will improve the flexibility of every muscle in your body. Particularly those surrounding your collarbone, shoulders, and shoulder blades. They are going to stretch and broaden, along with all of the muscles located in your toes and feet!

2. Improved Posture & Stability

It has the power to strengthen your chest, back, shoulder, and neck and stomach muscles. To improving the posture of your body, this workout is crucial for getting a nice straight back. If you wish to improve your stability, you should also do some side planks.

3. Improved Coordination

The plank workout is going to make your body use its stomach muscles for proper coordination and stability. Side planks are most suitable for achieving this.

4. Reinforce Your Core Safely

The plank workout is going to reinforce your inner core muscles, along with the transverse abdominis which is considered the basis of a sculpted and potent rectus abdominis.

5. Reduce the Spine and Back Injury Risk

The plank workout is going to back up your spine and soothe your back pain. It is also able to help you reinforce your muscles, without doing any damages on your spine.

6. Metabolism Booster

The plank workout is certainly melting more calories than all of the other traditional workouts. So by doing this workout each morning upon getting up, you will drop some pounds and melt large amounts of fat, while simultaneously improving your metabolism.

7. Improved Psychological State

Our nerve system also benefits from this exercise. It stretches and soothes our muscles, which are tense due to a great deal of stress. If you happen to experience depression or anxiety, you will be able to cure this condition with the planks. It successfully gets us in a good mood and gives us some sense of serenity.

Source: dailyhealthpost.com

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