3 Minutes Before Sleep: Simple Exercises To Slim Down Your Legs

Not everyone is a fan of exercise, and most people struggle to turn it into a habit. Still, apart from making you look good, exercise provides numerous benefits and a “feel good” feeling that can become an addiction.

Most people usually focus on strengthening and toning the upper body part and the abdominal area, but having strong, flexible, and toned legs is something you should aim at too.

Strong legs look amazing and boost the endurance that is much-needed during the day of working and running errands. Moreover, leg exercises prevent injuries and play a huge role in weight loss.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you to compile a short workout set out of the following exercises, and try them out. They take only a few minutes before bedtime but offer fantastic effects.

These are the legs exercises:

High knee exercises

This exercise is going to help you tone your behind, calves, and core, restore your balance, burn calories, and boost metabolism.

Spread your legs as wide as your shoulders, and lift one leg up. Bring the knee close to your chest, remain like that for a couple of seconds, and slowly bring it down to the ground.

Next, repeat this with the opposite leg, and move it back and forth between the right and left side. While attempting to keep the balance on the supporting leg, you will manage to tone your calf, quadriceps, hamstrings and butt muscles.

Plie Slides

This one is going to make your inner- and outer-thigh muscles harder in a brief time.

Begin this standing up, with your hands placed on your hips, the heels joined together, while the toes ought to be facing the sides. After that, put your left foot out into a deep “plie”: lower the body down keeping a straight back, bending the knees out on top of the toes. Next, get up out of the plie, and place your left heel back in, in the direction of the right one, with the legs straightened out. Get back into the initial position, and do it again with the opposite leg.

Deep/Full squats

This workout is supposed to initiate the gluteal muscles and make your leg muscles firm. Get your butt below than their knees while your feet are firmly lying flat on the floor.  It has been confirmed to be amazing for the knees, strengthening ligaments, and establishing incredible ankle and hip flexibility which alleviates back pain.

Plank to Stand Up

This exercise is a more challenging one, however it is drastically going to improve the hamstrings and hips flexibility and make your legs, back, and core more firm.

Begin in the plank position, and place your right foot in between your left and right hand. Bend the knee in terms of making the right thigh aligned to the ground, and transfer the body weight to the right foot while gradually getting up out of the lunge.

Use your upper body to lean forward and tap your left foot behind you on the floor. Lunge back down to the floor and bend the right knee. Place the hands flat on the left and right foot, and placing the right leg back to return to the starting position. Do the same with the opposite limb.

Lateral leg raises

This exercise affects a couple of muscle groups and provides various functional benefits.

Lie sideways, resting on your elbow, and lift one leg up, while keeping your core muscles firm. Bring it down in a controlled manner, and do the same on the opposite side.

Prone Hamstring Curl

This workout is going to affect the hamstrings and the areas that are hard-to-reach where the glutes and hamstrings are joined. Begin, lying face down on the floor, bend your elbows, and stack the hands beneath the forehead.

Stretch out your legs, squeeze your heels and point your toes. Next, lift the legs off the floor a little. Then, get your knees bent and heels curled in towards your body. Gradually stretch the legs out.

Inner thigh lifts

They will tighten your inner-thigh muscles.

Begin lying down sideways, lengthening the bottom leg and crossing on leg over the other. Rely on your knee or the top of the foot on the ground, while at the same time keeping your torso fixed. Focus on exercising the inner thigh while keeping your back steady.

Scissor Power Switch

This workout is going to help you melt fat while focusing on the potent (fast-twitch) muscle fibers in the limbs.

Begin standing with the right foot forth. Get into a runner’s lunge position, extend your left arm towards the foot and place your right arm behind you. With both feet, push off the floor, jumping straight up, crossing your legs midair, and landing back into a runner’s lunge with the opposing leg forth.

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

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